Demystifying Brand Titles

Should I reach out to the CMO or the Director of Digital? Understanding titles is tough! Here is your guide. 

Brand titles can be confusing! Example:

VP Global Communications, Social Media, Strategic Partnerships, Influencer Marketing

That is a real title. What does that even mean! We’re here to help. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of marketing job titles and descriptions to help you understand and prioritize who you’re reaching out to.

In job titles, there are 3 different elements to pay attention to:



Go for it!

If they have one of these in their title, it is likely that they work directly with createurs and are a good person for you to reach out to!

- Affiliate

- Influencer

- Partnerships

- PR (or public relations)


- Talent

- Press

- Celebrity

- Communications (but not corporate communications!)


These probably aren’t your perfect contact, but they likely work with the person you want to get into contact with and may point you in the right direction!

- Analytics

- Social Media

- Community

- Digital Marketing

- Events

- Brand Marketing

- Acquisition

- eCommerce

- Media

- Omni-channel

- Growth

- Performance


Some of these may have slipped into our system. We would recommend skipping people with one of these in their title (unless it is accompanied with one of the words from the OK or GO FOR IT lists). 

- Corporate communications

- Retention

- Retail 


- Merchandiser 

- Experiential 

- Loyalty


Who you reach out to will depend on the size of the organization and who you are as a createur. If you are a smaller createur, you probably won’t get a response from the Chief Marketing Officer at Gucci, but if you’re Rihanna - go for it girl (also, hi Rihanna!). 

We’ve organized the titles below from most junior to most senior:

- Intern

- Coordinator

- Associate

- Manager

- Director

- Executive Director

- VP - Vice President

- SVP - Senior Vice President

- CDO - Chief Digital Officer

- CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

- President

- CEO - Chief Executive Officer


Our current brand directory will be US focused, but we will be adding more international contacts as it grows. 

When you do find an international contact, the descriptions below will help you understand what the heck they’re talking about!

- EMEA = Europe, Middle East, and Africa 

- APAC = Asia Pacific 

- Americas = North and South America

- Global/international - This can have two meanings. Either they are responsible for the entire globe OR “everywhere, but the US”. 

- Specific Country - UK (United Kingdom), China, Brazil  - For larger countries, they will often have team members assigned to manage createurs just in that country. 


We hope this was helpful! In future articles we will break down what each one of these roles does, but for now you are 45 vocabulary words closer to getting the brand partnerships you deserve!

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