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Demystifying brand titles
Should I reach out to the CMO or the Director of Digital? Understanding titles is tough! Here is your guide. 

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Learn from the best video series 
Michael McNeil the VP of Global Marketing at Huda Beauty, Corey Weis the Head of Ipsy Studios, and Mehdi Mehdi the Chief Digital Officer at Rare Beauty give you tips on what they are looking for as brands!

What Are The Best Doing #5 - Avery Honeycutt
Get fresh tips on how to run your career with direct, data-backed tips from the best-performing creators! Our top influencer this week is makeup guru Avery Honeycutt.

A Conversation with the VP of Global Marketing at Too Faced
Conor sat with Somer Tejwani, Too Faced VP of Global Marketing. Here are some valuable insights for creators like you.

Hiding Your Likes on Instagram? Here’s What Brands Think
Hiding likes on Instagram is not fresh news. But we’ve noticed that hiding likes has grown very popular in the past months amongst creators. Here’s our advice on the topic, from a brand’s point of view.

What Are The Best Doing #4 - CC Clarke
Learn from the best with our WABD series! Our top performer this week is social media superstar CC Clarke. 

What Are The Best Doing #3 - Brook Tiffany
This week’s top performer is makeup talent, Brook Tiffany. Here is our best advice and key takeaways based on Brook’s 2021 performances.

The Rise of "Living Alone" Chic
Some powerhouse creators are vlogging their daily solo lives on social media. Here’s why it’s relevant.

What Are The Best Doing #2 - Blake Gifford
This week’s top performer is Blake Gifford, a.k.a @signedblake. Read on to discover how the fastest-growing online creators get it done.

What Are The Best Doing #1 - Sophie Hannah Richardson
In our new What are the Best Doing Series, Createur lets you learn from the best. We’ve reviewed profiles from our database and came up with fresh, exclusive insights on the top 10% fastest-growing creators. We begin this series with veteran beauty and makeup artist Sophie Hannah Richardson.

Legal Help: What Options are There for Creators?
You may have started posting online as a passion, but now that you’re generating revenue and making deals with brands, you may be wondering about contracts, IP, and other legal questions.  Here’s a round-up of legal options that exist for creators.

Our Favorite Apps and Extensions to Help Online Creators Stay Focused and Organized
Being an online creator requires self-discipline and thoroughness, which are not always easy to maintain. We tested and gathered some of our favorite tools and apps to help you stay organized and on top of your business day after day!

Working From Home? Here’s How to Stay Motivated and Productive
When you work freelance or are self-employed, there will be times when your motivation is scarce. Pretty soon, guilt and frustration might build up, and you’ll start resenting your work. Here’s our take on how to get out of a slump and refresh both your motivation and productivity. 

How to Determine Your Rate
How much should you charge for your content as an influencer? That’s a big question, and an important one. We’ve gathered some key advice to help you come up with your rate per post.

Here's a Basic Influencer Contract Template
Here is a basic template of an influencer/brand agreement. You can use this document as a valid contract to protect and frame your rights when making deals with brands.

“I Was Holding Onto the Creator That People Wanted Me to Be:” A Conversation With Content Creator Kera Aryiel
Recently, we sat down with content creator and lifestyle influencer Kera Aryiel (IG @keraariyel). Together, we discussed the toll that social media can take on mental health and private life. Founder of Shift Management, a digital talent agency, Kera offered insights on how to work with brands, tokenism, setting boundaries, empowering online creators, and other crucial topics. 

Which Brands Should You Contact: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Outreach Yourself
We receive a lot of emails from you guys asking us how to contact brands, and which brands to contact. Here’s a quick guide featuring our best tips on how to contact a brand with the Createur app!

6 Things to Do Before You Reach Out to a Brand
So you want to connect with a brand, whether it’s to inquire about sponsorship or just to get to know them. Where should you start? What should you say? Here are a few steps you should take to help maximize your chances of securing that coveted response (and maybe even a deal)!

5 Outreach Email Templates for Connecting With Brands
Whether you’ve just started as a creator or already have a steady and growing following, you might still be looking for the best ways to connect with a brand. Don’t fear: we put together tips and templates that are tailored to the specific nature of your outreach!

Unpaid Partnerships: Should You Say Yes?
A brand reaches out to you to collaborate and offers gifts as sole payment. Should you say yes or no? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice when you find yourself in this situation. You’ll avoid jumping too quickly into a decision that might not fit you!

Our Favorite Photo Editing Apps
Great-looking photography is key to getting a brand's attention. Above is a link to some of our favorite photo editing apps. Let us know if there are others that you love!