Which Brands Should You Contact: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Outreach Yourself

We receive a lot of emails from you guys asking us how to contact brands, and which brands to contact. Here’s a quick guide featuring our best tips on how to contact a brand with the Createur app.

You can also write to us at Createur@createur.app—we’re happy to help!

1. Always contact brands you’ve tagged

Our first golden rule is that you should only contact brands you’ve tagged in one or several posts so that you can include these brands in your outreach. Your posts showcase your talent as a content creator, giving brands a sense of what you can do and how much you truly love them. Organic posts are your way to make deals happen!

On the Createur app, click on “Brands” and look up which ones you tagged. You can then click on your desired brand and browse through all the posts you’ve tagged them in across all your social media channels. You also have access to the engagement rate for each post, indicating which pieces of content performed the best with your followers. 

2. Pick quality posts

You’re going to use these social media posts to approach the brand, so make sure they’re top quality. This means no post where you tagged 20 other brands—it’s better to send out posts where a single brand tag stands out. If it’s a picture of your outfit or a makeup shot, tag the brand’s product(s) and make sure these mentions aren’t drowned out by dozens of other tags. Remember, make it special! 

You can also vary the types of posts you send out to illustrate your work: a tutorial, a reel, and a product shot, for instance.

Use the Createur app to browse through the posts in which you’ve tagged your desired brand. Pick the posts with the highest engagement rate (indicated on the app), and try to prioritize recent ones. You can send us your selection via email and we’ll tell you what we think!

3. Prepare your email

We recommend contacting brands via email, so putting the time into preparing the right outreach is key. Check out our articles on drafting the perfect email outreach. Your message should include signs that you did your research on the brand you’re contacting, as well as some basic insights about your content (Instagram followers, engagement rate, etc.) and the links to your chosen posts.

Put in the work in drafting a catchy subject line, as this will increase your opening rate! Once again, if you want us to take a look at your outreach, we’re happy to do so.

4. Contact the right person 

Use the Createur app to find the right contact at your desired brand. This means someone who’s not too senior and would most likely work with creators (look for “influencer” or “PR” in their job title). To do so, go to “brands,” look up a chosen brand, then click on “See Contacts.” Use your tokens to unlock the desired contacts. 

Make sure to make your outreach count. These are busy folks, and you want to put in all the info required in a concise text. Only contact one person per brand, as you don’t want to be listed as a spammer. Note that if your first point of contact doesn’t answer, you can try reaching out to another contact from the same company during the following month.  Don’t hesitate to send us your outreach for review if you’d like feedback.

5. Follow up 

After a week or so, you can follow up with another message in the same thread. Maybe you posted a new picture featuring one of the brand’s products, maybe you have a question, or maybe you just want to remind them that you’d be thrilled to hear about any opportunities to get to know their brand or try new products. If they still don’t reply, then you’ve tried your best. You can either test your outreach on another brand representative, or move on and wait a few months to try a new strategy.

To sum up:
only contact brands you’ve tagged to show you’re a true fan, and make sure you write to the right person. Never get discouraged by the low response rate—it’s hard to get a reply!  With time, you’ll refine your outreach game. And remember, Createur is here to help. 

Stay posted for more tips on driving your career as a creator!

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