5 Outreach Email Templates for Connecting With Brands

Whether you’ve just started as a creator or already have a steady and growing following, you might still be looking for the best ways to connect with a brand.

Don’t fear: we put together tips and templates that are tailored to the specific nature of your outreach!

Getting a deal with a brand is an opportunity to grow legitimacy, popularity, and revenue. The brand representative you’re pitching probably isn’t aware of how awesome you are, so approaching them with the right message sets the tone for a promising partnership. 

Your outreach email should be short and persuasive while standing out. It should convince the brand that: 

You’re a boss when it comes to content creation. Position yourself as a content creator first, then an influencer. The creative work you produce comes first, and your follower count is the cherry on top. 

- You’re a pro in handling your business. Make sure you include qualitative stats but stay away from too many vanity metrics. Mention top brands you’ve worked with, or mention your growth if you’re a newbie. 

- You’re here to make the brand’s life easier. Go straight to the point, include direct links, have your media kit ready beforehand. Start with a short and sweet introduction, and end with a mention of what’s your preferred next step. 

You’re the right fit. Contact brands that are compatible with you in size and activity. Always have an idea ready. It can be as simple as what format you’d like to use on which platform. You’re the creator, so having a creative vision of how you’d want to work with a brand is critical!

Most importantly, your email should state clearly why you are reaching out to the brand. The more clearly your motivation comes across, the easier it’ll be for the brand to make an informed decision on how they want to respond. We’ve put together five email templates for five unique reasons you might be reaching out to a brand. Click on the links below to check out each one!

1. You're an original lover of the brand and you want to introduce yourself

2. You have a specific idea for a collaboration that you want to pitch a brand

3. You produce quality organic content and you’d like to get a post sponsored 

4. You want to get access to exclusive events or free products

5. You want to become a brand ambassador

Finally, don’t forget these takeaways as you’re drafting your best pitch:
- Your email should be tailored to each lead. Take time to research the brand so you can personalize your outreach. 
- Avoid listing all your past work. Leave a little mystery. 
- While you want to get straight to the point, don’t demand anything too specific. 

As a creator, you should take initiative in reaching out to brands and getting deals. It’s not always easy putting yourself out there, but we’re here for you. 

Stay tuned for more insights on how to grow as a content creator.

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